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Henna wax

color treatment



Shine Moist has presented their best professional hair product Henna Wax Color Treatment over 23 years, this natural product stood out from the crowd. The “two-in-one” services are great for women who want to add some “sexiness” to their hair color without a big color commitment.  Now our company will widely introduce this amazing healthier hair product to millions of visitor attention around the world instantly.



Henna Wax creates exceptional natural colour results and maximum haircare. Designed to help dull and damaged hair, this unique formula with a pleasant scent uses Lawsonia Inermis, glycerine and sea buckthorn oil to penetrate deep into the hair structure without affecting cuticular levels. Colour is locked in, leaving hair nourished and soft thanks to the enriching protein bond ingredients. The Henna Wax line comes in a whole range of colours, including all tones of brown, ruby, magenta, chestnut, chocolate and burgundy – or, opt simply for the “natural” version for the ultimate natural-looking colour!

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