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Specialty Shampoo & Conditioner 

604G 5000ml
404G 5000ml
Protein Shampoo

604G  5000ml


Protein Shampoo designed for all types of hair leaves hair reassuringly clean without damaging the hair. This luxurious Shampoo formulated at pH5.5 balance and contains protein to leaves color-treated supple strength, flexibility and sheen. Use regularly gives flake-free with healthy-looking. Maximize the result of Protein Shampoo with 404G Conditioner Rinse is the best choice of preventing breakages and soft to the touch.


Shampooing protéiné au pH équilibré pour tout type de cheveux même colorés, pour donner souplesse, force et flexibilité. Maximisez les résultats en utilisant l’après-shampooing H404 pour prévenir des cassures.



Conditioner Rinse

404G   5000ml


Conditioner Rinse buttery texture is rich in hydrolyzed essential proteins active ingredients to fortify and nourish frail, weakened hair at the core of its fibre, regain its strength plus incredibly shine.


Enriched formula interacts with your individual hair needs by targeting the hair where it is damaged and needs it most. Resulted that re-energized your hair, well balanced with nourished.


Texture riche en protéines hydrolisées pour nourrir le cheveu fragile et affaibli au noyau de sa fibre. Redonne force, équilibre et brillance sublime.





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