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1301-8 60g
1309 60g
1501-12 5g
Color Change Hilite Cream

1301-8   60g


The latest technology breakthrough product from Shine Moist Color Change Hilite Cream is able to change the color on previously colored hair in a single application! Non-toxic, Ammonia and lead free, this latest innovation is formulated with water soluble oils and natural plant pigments. Gentle yet effective, with a wide range of colors to transform any colored hair in one quick and effective process. Versatile and flexible with up to 100 percent white hair coverage, this is far superior than traditional de-colorizing products, producing shiny and lively color results every time.



Hair Lightening Cream

1309   60g


Shine Moist's latest Hair Lightening Cream formulated with water soluble plant extracts is a safe Non-toxic, Ammonia free and Lead free hair lightening product. Design for professional use, this product easily lightens hair to the desired level with minimal damage and compliments all coloring services for even better results.



Superlift Color

1501-12   5g


Discover an extra color with Shine Moist Super-lift Color offers a variety range of colors. The unique formula competent penetrates deeply the cuticular layer of hair while the bleaching is processing. Sophisticated color work it out easily and leaves hair exceptionally shine.


Découvrez une extra-couleur qui offre une large palette de couleurs. Sa formule unique pénètre pendant le processus de décoloration et une couleur sophistiquée et extrémement brillante est réalisée facilement.


晨彩漂色彩粉专为添加色彩造型而配制,操作过程只须混合适量度数双氧膏,便能同时间轻易快速添加局部色彩操作,完成各款high light效果,漂发上色同期达到超理想效应,盈造丰富变化色彩。

Bleach Powder 1+3

9000   200g


Shine Moist Bleach Powder 1+3 is an essential elements from the professional coloring treatment that removes hair's natural and artificial color to create light shades. Applied with Shine Moist Colormate, the dust free powder turns a soft, creamy paste ideally for easy and even distribution on the hair. Dust-free Bleach Powder maintain in stable condition which ensures accurate outstanding result. Appropriate in color lightening and highlighting.



Poudre non-poussièreuse décolorante des cheveux naturels ou colorés tout en respectant la structure du cheveu. Mélangée au développeur COLORMATE, on obtient une crème légère et facile à répartir pour maintenir les conditions d’équilibre et réussir une coloration brillante et éclatante.




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